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The cold air is now upon us and it’s more important than ever to keep our middle protected and warm.

In the feudal eras of Japan, the Haramaki was part of the traditional samurai armor set. This piece was meant to protect the middle region of one’s body. Nowadays, the Haramaki is used as both a fashion accessory and a belly warmer. In Traditional Chinese Medicine we talk about protecting the kidney channel, and by wearing a Haramaki you can stop the cold getting in.

The term haramaki originates from two Japanese words. The first being hara, which means the center of the body. The second word is maki, which means to wrap up.

?it’s provides warmth to the core of the body
?it is believed that the haramaki also improves circulation
?it relieves lower back pains
?it helps with digestion
? it provides warmth throughout the body without forcing one to wear heavy and thick clothing.
?plus – It is also said to provide support and relieve pain for pregnant women
?and women on their monthly menstrual cycle.

The Kidney channel runs up the legs from the feet, so it is also good to make sure you keep your feet warm. Invest in some thick socks and slippers for Winter, and keep the Kidney yang strong!

Why do acupuncturist’s harp on about the kidney channel …. well It is the seat of primordial strength, willpower, sexual power and creativity. It is responsible for reproduction and growth, strengthens and warms the back, gives strength to the bones and hair and is also directly connected to the functions of the brain. Plus the kidney is the carriers of the “Jing” – the essence of life.

“Jing”, the essence of life which we have mostly inherited from our parents is stored in the kidneys. “Jing” can be likened to our constitution. If there is a lot of Jing, this shows in a strong body, vitality and a strong immune system.

So don’t go letting your kidneys get cold as it could lead to back ache, weak knees, fatigue, lack of concentration, forgetfulness, feeling cold in the lower back, bottom and thighs, prematurely grey hair or hair loss, tinnitus,decrease of sexual energy,impotence, infertility, all ailments connected with a weakness of the kidney channel.


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