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Hello and welcome to my website,

Olive Tree Well-Being.

After a few different types of jobs and ill health I found myself reading a book on aromatherapy and how I could benefit from it, apparently as an alternative therapy it could really help me. Not one to sit back and ponder I went about finding a way to learn more. So in 1997 I attended and qualified from West Thames College in Isleworth as a Beauty Therapist my qualifications were, Anatomy Physiology and Massage, Aestheticienne and Electrology. This then became my first stepping stone on a much longer pathway.

After passing my exams I worked part time in a spa and went on to train further in Indian Head Massage, Reflexology and Aromatherapy as my enthusiasm for holistic therapies grew. Whilst working I was approached to share my passion for holistic therapies in the form of teaching so I off I go back to college and got my City and Guilds to teach adults. I taught Beauty Therapy, Reflexology and holistic Therapies for a few years before having a family and taking a pause from work.

Over the years I have worked in a spa, several salons and for myself in rented rooms but it was in 2008 I set about developing my own business around my family and Olive Tree was established. Working from home enabled me to do the job that I loved and enjoyed whilst also being able to be around for my children.

I had always been interested in acupuncture but never thought that I could actually do it, but after some soul searching and financial juggling I enrolled for a 5 year training course to become an acupuncturist!!

I trained in London at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, my  first year was Biomedicine, plus 2 years in Naturopathic studies and principles along with 3 years of Acupuncture. The toughest most grouping training I had ever done plus trying to keep my business going and be there for the family. It is with the support of family and friends that I succeeded and completed my training. In July 2017 I graduated, what an exhilarating experience, and then in the September I was fortunate be able to spend three weeks doing a postgraduate in China. It was amazing and I loved every minute of being there, learning new skills, observing the best acupuncturists etc, it was a life lesson I will always treasure.

So, thats me really a beauty therapist turned holistic therapist into an acupuncturist what an AWESOME  journey it has been and its not over yet. Olive Tree is my company and I try my hardest to give everyone the benefit of my full training and attention. Working for myself enables me to manage my own time and I choose to work part time as this keeps my health in check and my energy and enthusiasm high.

Thanks for reading

Sarah x

I forgot to mention that I also won an award in 2017 as the BEST COMPLIMENTARY THERAPY CENTRE in Northamptonshire for the Muddy Stilletos awards as voted for by my clients.






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