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Childrens Reflexology
Having 3 active children at home and being a holistic therapist I have found reflexology to be a very useful tool. Each of my children have had reflexology on and off for sometime, and because they enjoyed and benefitted from it so much I decided to open my treatment doors to other children. There are so many wonderful benefits but here are a few you may be interested in, it can help with, sleeping issues, digestive upsets, behaviour issues, coughs, colds, boosting immune system, growing pains, stress or sadness, confidence and self esteem, concentration levels, and is also very calming and relaxing.

What Is It?
Reflexology is a powerful holistic complimentary therapy (when the treatment is holistic the whole person body and emotions are treated rather than just a specific symptom or area of the body). It enables the body to function correctly by stimulating a system of specific pressure points on the feet or hands, where all of the nerve endings of the central nervous system including the internal organs and structures are mapped in miniature. By massaging and applying pressure to certain parts of the feet this will correspond with certain parts of the body. The aim is to stimulate the body’s own healing mechanism in order to keep it in balance. It is not a medical treatment but can help to restore and maintain good health.

What happens during a reflexology treatment? 
The reflexologist will take an initial consultation to ensure there are no contra-indications to treatment and to ascertain the patient’s general health and medical history. On starting treatment (which lasts from 10 mins to 30 mins for a child), the patient will remove only their shoes and socks and lay face up on the treatment bed or chair. A parent or guardian will remain with the child throughout the session.The treatment is extremely relaxing, enjoyable and non-invasive as the patient remains fully clothed.

Here are a few quotes from some clients –

“Children’s Reflexology is brilliant, I cannot recommend it enough. I took both my children aged 3 & 4 years to Olive Tree Brackley as one was having tummy problems and the other just because you have to treat them the same… They both absolutely loved it, eased the tummy pains and they both slept REALLY well that night too!!” – Emma

“Once again Naomi enjoyed her time and reflexology with you 🙂 xx” – Alison

“My daughter, age 3 has reflexology and thoroughly enjoys her little pampering and is always eager for the next treatment. Sarah is very friendly,flexible and makes you feel at home, would recommend Olive Tree every time” – Teresa

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