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Baby Massage

A wonderful treat for you and your child.
I learnt baby massage when my own children were young and they absolutely loved it, as did I. I then went on to gain the qualification to teach it and share the wonderful treatment with other mums and their children. It is a skill that you can continue to use as your child grows up, and is a fantastic time to share with your child.
This is an opportunity for you to learn to massage and not for the therapist to do the massage. Lessons can be done on a one to one basis or in a group environment. All baby mats, oil and towels are provided at the lesson although you will receive any details of anything to bring with you when you book in. 
During this lesson you will be taught how to safely massage your own child and the safety aspects of it. At the end of the lesson you will have gained all the relevant knowledge for baby massage.

Baby Massage

Baby Massage Lessons

What is baby massage?
It encourages growth, bonding, and relaxation. It can also help with constipation, colic and sleeping. A wonderful treat for you and your child.  This is an opportunity for you to learn massage not for the therapist to do the massasge.

Lessons can be done on a on to one basis or in a group environment.

Benefits of baby Massage

  • Bonding two ways baby to parent and parent to baby
  • It strengthens the bodies systems increasing resistance to disease
  • Promotes relaxation – calming
  • Relieves pain – constipation, hunger, colic, which isn’t always to do with wind but nerve responses
    (Colic has a pattern and arrives at the same time every day for the same amount of time)
  • Improves sleep
  • Builds and develops a strong sound personality – an inner self
  • baby who is massaged with love believes in its self and can recognise if it is being inappropriately handled, it values itself
  • Develops baby’s first language – touch
  • Develops body, mind, awareness and coordination
  • Improves skin condition
  • Helps to regulate and strengthen baby’s digestive and respiratory systems and stimulate circulatory and nervous systems
  • It can begin the day the baby is born
  • Excellent way to communicate with your baby especially if you are a working mum
  • If the face is massaged it can also help with teething
  • Makes your baby feel safe and loved

or a Premature baby

  • Improve weight gain
  • Help to start oral feeding sooner (rather than tube feeding)
  • Allow the baby to be more alert, so it can interact with others
  • To help the baby in being discharged from the hospital and go home
  • Promote healthier bones
  • By keeping the baby calm and contented this will help assist breathing, sleeping, growing , feeding and getting in to an organised state

Benefits to the Parent

  • Are able to enjoy their baby
  • They can control their child’s welfare
    (Lots of advice being given so much information and support they feel their baby isn’t theirs anymore and are out of control following other people’s advice)
  • Permission to touch – the baby is allowing itself to be massaged. Their space is only invaded when they want it to be.
  • A joy and pleasure to share with the child
  • Can help to alleviate the effects of postnatal depression and help the mother to have a more positive interaction with their baby
  • Something Dad can do
  • Something grandparents etc can do
  • Helps the parents to understand the non verbal communications of their baby
  • Can promote lactation (through the stimulation of the hormones)
  • Promotes nurturing instinct (through the stimulation of the hormones)
  • Quality time!!!!


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