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What is a Japanese Face massage?
It is a facial massage working on the meridians. The Japanese believe that beauty is more than skin deep, and that to be beautiful you have to be healthy too. The fantastic thing about Japanese face massage is that it works on many levels freeing up constrictions within the facial muscles and connective tissues. Many people suffer facial tension which builds up in the facial muscles causing puffiness, lines and wrinkles. The Japanese influence, treats the facial meridians which treat the balance of health in the whole body, as well as the flow of energy, Qi in the face.

The combination of gentle  face massage, lymphatic drainage, acupressure and energy balancing can leave you feeling calm and serene. It may also help to relieve sinus congestion, depression, anxiety, stress and headaches whilst promoting the natural beauty inherent in each one of us. One of my favourite treatments to have done and to do because it’s so gentle. 

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Price £35

Time 30 mins

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