What is Massage?
Massage is a wonderful bodywork treatment for all!! if you’ve never had a massage before, now is definitely the time to get one.

When you should ask your doctor before getting a massage
With certain health conditions, it could be dangerous to be on the receiving end of a massage. People with the following symptoms or illnesses should contact their doctors first.

  • Blood vessel diseases: If you have a blood clot, the massage could cause the clot to move, and if it moves into your lungs, it can kill you.
  • Cardiovascular diseases: People suffering from these diseases may have swollen blood vessels, blood clots, or heart disease
  • Certain forms of cancer.
  • If you have skin conditions such as burns, cuts, cold sores, bruises, sores, herpes, open cuts, and swollen areas, you should not have a massage in one of these areas.
  • Severe back pain could mean you have a problem that could be exacerbated with massage, so ask your doctor first.
  • People with high fevers or chills should not get a massage, since it may be the sign of a serious illness.
  • Massaging the feet, lower legs, and abdomen during the first three months of pregnancy could cause miscarriage. There are massage therapists who specialise in pregnancy massage, but always ask your doctor first.
  • People with a mild stage of osteoporosis could benefit from massage if permitted by their doctors, but not anyone with severe osteoporosis

Massage After care
After your massage you may notice profound changes in your body and mind. SO to gain maximum benefit from your treatment the following aftercare advice is recommended:

  • Relaxation
  • Try to rest and relax for the remainder of the day, if not for a few hours at least
  • You may feel tired so take care when driving or working
  • If you can take a nap do so or go to bed early,
  • Sometimes you can experience some soreness for 24hrs or so after a massage. If you do feel sore or think
    you might then gentle stretches in a hot shower or have a warm bath with Epsom salts. Remember to tell your
    therapist about the after effects so that it can be taken in to consideration for your next session.

Fluid intake and Diet

  • Drink plenty of water after the treatment to replace the fluids and avoid dehydration. This will also help to
    eliminate the toxins from your body.
  • Drinking extra water after a massage also helps to reduce soreness and fatigue after a massage.
  • Avoid alcohol, smoking and excessive tea or coffee drinking as this can have a dehydrating effect
  • Avoid eating a heavy spicy meal after the treatment. Eat light for the rest of the day, this will allow your body
    to concentrate on natural healing and encourage detoxification
  • If any problems contact your therapist.