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As I understand the new ruling I am still not able to open my clinic. Due to the nature of my work and the closeness to others social distancing isn’t possible. Once things change I may possibly be able to treat on a reduced rate with PPE and with some room/treatment adjustments.

Be assured that behind the scenes I am addressing new work regulations :

✳️ the use of full room UV sanitising
✳️ more disposable items
✳️ online consultations to keep contact to a minimum
✳️ gloves worn throughout treatment
✳️ covid questionnaires before every treatment with temperature taken
✳️ masks worn by you and me
✳️ hand sanitiser on entry to the clinic
✳️ I am also under going extra study and courses in the safety of working through Covid-19.
✳️ suitable clothing / uniform
✳️ treating a limited amount of people per day

These points will be revised and added to regularly in accordance with government legislation, acupuncture guidelines and insurance details.

So hopefully it won’t be too long before I’m back but until then I’ll on here and available to help where possible. Continue to abide by the rules, stay safe and stay healthy.
Sarah xx

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